1KEY HPC is Big Data Ready and can and can perform analytics on Big Data with same performance standards. 1KEY HPC is capable of Instant…
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1KEY Agile BI Suite is a comprehensive Business Intelligence application catering to Strategic, Tactical & Operational data analysis…
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1KEY TOUCH lets you create interactive and dynamic dashboards. But it is not just the dynamic dashboard that differentiates 1KEY TOUCH…
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1KEY Financial Consolidation Management (FCM) is a complete data warehouse (DW) model with standard statutory reporting requirements…
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EDA (Excel Data Analyser) is the upcoming analytics tool from MAIA Intelligence. EDA is designed to accelerate and simplify the data analysis…
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Total Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions at MAIA Intelligence

MAIA Intelligence has all of the above 3 major points which establishes an enterprise class business intelligence (BI) reporting solutions company. MAIA Intelligence has a proven track record of delivering efficient BI reporting solutions results for leading enterprises. Our focus is to provide affordable business intelligence (BI) reporting solution for large enterprise.

Everybody claims affordability we can prove it

While affordability doesn’t sound glamorous, it has major implications for a business intelligence reporting roll out. If a BI reporting system is expensive, out of budget can’t reach thousands of users inside the enterprise and beyond, it’s impossible to deliver the kinds of business intelligence solutions that enable organizations to better motivate employees, renovate their business processes to reduce cost, and innovate to provide competitive advantage and improved responsiveness to customers and partners. MAIA Intelligence enables organizations to reduce over all TCO associated with deploying Business Intelligence reporting applications, while ensuring that these applications can continue to grow as business requirements change.

Multi Formatted, Visually Stunning & Flexible Reportings

The 1KEY Flexible Business Intelligence Reporting software (BI Software) provides executives, business users, and analysts with the most intuitive user-directed query and analysis capabilities available today. It delivers powerful query, analysis, and reporting capabilities through an intuitive and highly interactive interface that lets users drill down, sort, filter, group, alert, schedule reports & then quickly monitor and navigate relevant information. It’s easy to deploy, provides access to data locked in transactional systems, and leverages information from your existing data stores. It can generate rich formatted BI reports which can be further exported to Excel, HTML, XML, PDF etc.

Extract, Transform & Load Data from any source

1KEY reporting solutions (BI Solutions) manages all the data in the organization no matter where it resides – whether on web servers, legacy and operational systems, diverse data stores or applications. In even the most complicated IT environments, We have implemented our Business intelligence reporting software solutions in customer environments with most major enterprise applications running on leading relational databases and platforms, including DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and others. Our BI reporting solutions (BI Solutions) enables customers to easily and cost-effectively, capture, transform and flow data throughout the enterprise.

Vikram Kole / COO

Clients & Testimonials

50,000 + Licensed Users…

  • End users can now create sophisticated yet intuitive reports in various formats, and use them for continuous and sophisticated analyses of extensive financial data by enabling its end users to create, modify and deploy reports.

  • Successful business management consists of managing information from across multiple areas of the business. 1KEY BI connect SAP & non-SAP CRM data for production, finance, sales & distribution, marketing data.

  • We were using PL SQL static Reports, which were replaced by 1KEY BI with top down hierarchical user security and runtime dynamic reporting analysis.

  • MAIA's 1KEY business intelligence solution provides us data utilization, incisive analysis & speeding up our departmental & corporate decision making process capability comprehensively while allowing us enough headroom for future enhancement opportunities in this area

  • 1KEY FCM was procured to consolidate 47 companies in SAP and non SAP financial data in 5 level of company tree hierarchy.

Reliance Mutual Fund
SRL Ranbaxy Ltd